The Reviews Are In…


…And Hellcab is a hit! I’m so proud of all the work my cast mates and I have been putting in on this show. All of our weeks of rehearsal have culminated in a show that is heartwarming and also heartbreaking; hilarious and sad and crazy and everything in between. We’ve been pouring our hearts out on that stage every night, so it’s really awesome to see that reflected in the reviews we’ve received. It’s even better to see their names and pictures (and MINE- take a peep at the Around the Town link below) mentioned and performances praised. On top of that, given Hellcab is such a Chicago classic, I’m incredibly honored to be a part of keeping the tradition going!  Check out just a few of our reviews below, and don’t forget to grab your tickets to take a ride with us here!

  1.  Chicago Reader– “Though the play is a collection of unrelated vignettes, by the end it nevertheless captures the patchwork nature of city life.”
  2. PerformInk– “The Agency Theatre Collective’s HELLCAB gives itself over to a fundamental purpose of art: connecting to others through shared humanity.”
  3. Around The Town Chicago– “…This moment is so human and proves why, at this time of year, this show should be enjoyed with loved ones, family and friends, in the true spirit of the holiday.”

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